RE: Older Persons’ Fund Round 5 Active Citizenship

We are delighted to share the  news that the application made for funding the role out of the Think Ahead work has received a positive response. We’ve been granted the maximum grant of €7500. This is a wonderful outcome.

Thanks to Dr Kathy McLoughlin for her detailed support with the application. Thanks also to John and Assumpta for your support in providing the financial details

Purpose: Advanced care planning is a process that enables individuals to make plans for their future healthcare, providing direction to healthcare professionals in the event that they are unable to make or communicate their own healthcare choices. Participation in advanced care planning reduces stress and anxiety for people and their families and leads to an improvement in end of life care.

This project aims to pilot a model of peer mentoring whereby 6-10 older people are trained as volunteer mentors focused on advanced care planning, and will subsequently deliver advanced care planning information to 210 older people using Community Cafe Conversation Model.

More details to Follow .